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Established in NSW in 1997 and celebrating 25 years of unwavering success, Bathla is a family-owned business created to provide a safe, welcoming and accessible solution to enter and strengthen Australia’s property market. From our beginnings in NSW, we have expanded to regional NSW, South Australia and most recently to Victoria; the Bathla team is passionate about delivering high-quality property and construction services on a national scale.

Our success as a leading Australian property developer is due to a good combination of hard work and innovative ideas, supported by a strong understanding of local communities’ needs and the ongoing commitment to master the construction process in its ever changing environment.

Mr. Bhart Bhushan

Managing Director


& Mission

Bathla is unparalleled in community-centred property delivery; we are high achievers and we know how to deliver. Our team is highly regarded for delivering quality homes with a supportive customer experience throughout the whole building process.

Core to our business is the belief that every Australian should have the opportunity to live in a home they love, that is why all Bathla properties are designed with the customer and community at the very core. Going beyond the development process, our clients are engaged across every step of the process; customer satisfaction and client peace of mind are central to the Bathla journey.

Key Milestones

From a family-owned business,
to a leading, national industry player.

For 25 years, Bathla has been dedicated to delivering outstanding properties to all Australians. From our inception in 1997 in NSW, to our rapid growth across Regional NSW, South Australia and most recently expanding to Victoria, our team is passionate about delivering high-quality services on a national scale.

Our Team

When supporting your property dreams, our focus never waivers.
We are determined to cater to the property needs and market visions of all people, from different experiences, cultures and backgrounds.

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Our Current Projects

Across 58 Australian suburbs in NSW, SA and VIC, Bathla’s unwavering vision has continued to expand since our inception in 1997. With high-quality place solutions across residential, commercial and land development sites, our diverse portfolio of premium properties offers something for all.

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